Let's capture their heart.

Photographs and memories.

One of our executives tells this story: “When I was a young girl, I began to draw. I had an interest in creating what I saw in my mind. One day, my dad sat with me, teaching me things and showing me how to draw. He said, ‘You have to understand this – anyone can pick up a pencil and paper and draw. But it’s the person who has the natural gift to draw, who will become the artist – and I think you have the gift.’ Decades have passed, but I never forgot his words.”

Those wise words from a beloved father ring true for any artist, including the photographer. Anyone can pick up their cell phone these days and try to become a photographer. They can edit and photo-shop to their heart’s delight. But just as was said all those years ago, it takes a special gift to be an artist. The artist possesses the eye to ‘see’ the composition, the instinct to judge the correct angle, and the ability to anticipate a person’s reaction and capture it in a millisecond. That’s what great photographers do so well – they capture your spirit. They shoot images of people or places that can move the soul. Having a photographer at your event is so much more than having someone to take pictures. You’re hiring an artist, one who captures souls – one frame at a time.

Our talented event photographers at Hearts and Happiness®, care about you, and will go the extra mile to fill your gallery with incredible, memorable moments like these!


Booking an event photographer in Pittsburgh 

Contact for availability. Our photographers are booked in advance and can a have busy, full schedule. Booking as early as possible is recommended. Event photographers are perfect for any occasion, including fundraisers, private parties, corporate functions, as well as weddings or any birthday! Our photographers are available in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Call us to book a photographer for your party today!